Split payment



With Alma, we’re rethinking how you pay, giving you more freedom, security and simplicity.




Discover how our payment solution, ALMA, revolutionizes your shopping experience, one transaction at a time.


How can I benefit ?



If you want to pay several times without fees, you need a minimum purchase of 50 €. 




You have three options,


      - 2x payment without charge



      - 3x payment without charge



      - payment in 4x free of charge



How does it work ? 


1- Select ALMA as payment option 


This method will be offered only if your cart is at least 50€.


2 - Select the option you want, 2x, 3x or 4x free of charge? 



The choice is personal, it all depends on your needs and your budget.

3 - Platform Quick Check 


This quick check is done in a few moments,


and you will know immediately if your application is approved or not.


4 - Receipt of payment schedule 


You will receive a precise schedule of payments to be made.


This will allow you to plan and track your payments in a way


clear and transparent to ensure a successful online purchase.


5 - Manage Payments and Complete Purchase 


You make your payments according to the schedule,


you manage your budget efficiently complete your online purchase with ease.


The first withdrawal will be made on the day of your order.