Our partner workshops in France, Europe and around the world



The Sylvie Thiriez tribe is united by strong ties, including with its suppliers.


Our partners, with whom we have been working for many years, are subject to precise selection criteria.


Human values, unique know-how and rigorous choice of raw materials.







Our workshop in Hauts de France,


since the birth of our tribe 40 years ago (1983).


Main asset : Cutting expertise,


and custom embroidery.


We love our tribe of expert seamstresses


and passionate seamstresses who make our plain bed linen locally


and keep the traditions of Northern workshops alive.









Partner of our tribe for 27 years (1996).


Main asset : Expertise in embroidery


and woven-dyed fabrics (stripes and checks).


We love talking to them and working out..,


the colors and patterns that will make your home sparkle.








Partner of our tribe for nearly 22 years (2001)


Main asset : Traditional know-how


in embroidery and delicate finishing.


We like to share with them


our wildest ideas so they can take shape.












Partner of our tribe for 19 years (2004).


Main asset : Ancestral know-how in household linen


with terry weaving, jacquard weaving and dyeing techniques.


 We love working with them to reinvent traditional linens.











Partner of our tribe for 10 years (2013).


Main asset : Expertise in printing and finishing.


We love the way it accurately transcribes..,


the brushstrokes of our stylist


on our bed linen fabrics.