How to choose my duvet?



At first, it is imperative to pay attention to the size of your bed as well as the size of your duvet cover.


Your duvet should be larger than your bed and the same size as your duvet cover.


You can use the size guide by clicking here.












Which duvet for which need ?


Duvet Room n°1 => The summer duvet is light and not too hot.


You can also use it if you heat your room.


It is made of 100% hollow silicate polyester fibres and weighs 150 gr/m².


Duvet Room 2 => With its weight of 400g/ m² it is ideal for temperate climates. 


It is made of 100% hollow silicone polyester fibers and comes with its storage cover.


Duvet Room n°3 => Composed of 50% microfibres and 50% hollow fibers,


this duvet is dense and leaves the air waxy.


The envelope of it is made of cotton percale, has a treatment


anti-mite and comes with its storage cover.


Duvet Room n°4 => The 4 seasons 2 in 1. It is separable into 2, one with a filling 150 gr/ m²


and the other with a filling of 250gr/ m² in siliconized polyester hollow fiber.


Depending on your needs, you can separate them when you are hot and hang them up when you are cold.


Duvet Room 5 => The cold duvet, the essential for winter nights.


It is composed of 80% duck down and 20% feathers.


Duvet Room n°7 => The duvet sensation duvet, with a filling of 300g/m².


It is warm, light and comfortable. Its shell in percale 91 threads


100% cotton creates a natural anti-mite barrier.