How to choose my pillow ? 


It's important to take your preferences into account: soft or firm ?


   - The firm pillow for bedroom n°2 => ideal for temperate climates, this pillow has a cotton percale cover treated against dust mites.


The firm will support the weight of your head and neck. Providing good support for the neck and skull is an important factor


as this will have an impact on the alignment of your spine. The interior is made of siliconized polyester hollow fiber.


It is available in three sizes: 


- 65x65cm : 820 gr

- 50x70cm : 680 gr

- 40x60cm : 470 gr





   - Comfort pillow for bedroom n°3 => comfort first and foremost, this pillow is fluffy and soft,


easy to clean and the hollow fibers help absorb perspiration.


absorb perspiration. The synthetic fibers are annalergic, making them suitable for sleepers with allergies.


Available in two sizes: 


- 65x65cm : 1200gr

- 50x70cm : 1000gr





   - The ultra-soft pillow for bedroom n°5 => ideal for cold weather,


This pillow is made from 15% duck down and 85% feathers. 


Soft and fluffy on the ends, with a firm core, it's perfect for people who want comfort and quality.


Available in two sizes: 


- 65x65cm : 720gr

- 50x70cm : 720gr



How to choose a pillow according to your sleeping position ? 

On your back:


If you sleep on your back, the ideal choice is a feather- or down-filled pillow, preferably rectangular in shape. 


With this shape, your shoulders rest on the mattress and your head is well supported.




On the stomach: 


A soft pillow is the best option for sleeping on your stomach.


between your head and the mattress. When you sleep on your stomach, you breathe very close to your pillow.


of your pillow, having an anti-acarid treatment is necessary.



On your side: 


If you sleep on your side, the most important factor is your frame. 


The wider your shoulders, the higher your pillow should be.


If you're corpulent, you'll need to opt for densities of at least 50 kg/m³ and firmer supports.