Our products are manufactured and inspected with the utmost care and seriousness, which allows us to guarantee them and to undertake to reimburse or replace all items which do not give you complete satisfaction. You have 30 days after receipt of your items to return them to us and automatically receive a credit in your customer account. You can request the refund by e-mail or by phone from customer service: we will send you a transfer to the account with which you made your payment.

When a customer returns an item he has paid for and requests a refund, the following terms will apply:
The package is returned unopened: we will refund the price of the package and any shipping costs.
The product is returned in its original packaging at your sole discretion: we will refund the price of the product, with the return costs remaining at your expense.
The product is returned because of our responsibility: we will reimburse you for the product, any shipping and return costs. Any differences in color that may arise are not considered to be defects in our products.

You can return your order for free by dropping it off in Sylvie Thiriez store. The reimbursement can in no case be made by the point of sale. We will refund the product to you via the website. An exchange is possible for an equal or greater amount the same day on presentation of the sales receipt or the invoice (no credit note can be issued in store).